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Parents’ update 24.9.20

Dear Parents / Carers,

I hope this update finds you safe and well.  Thank you for your cooperation in wearing masks whilst on site.  The situation continues to be difficult for us all.  The staff are working exceptionally hard in keeping our covid measures in place, whilst ensuring the children are happy and catching up with their learning.  I’m sure you will join me in thanking them for their dedication to our children and resilience under such difficult circumstances.

Our new reading initiatives are already reaping rewards.  KS2 please continue to bring your reading books to school every day – it’s great to see!

There are a couple of areas regarding covid safety that I need your help with / have had to change slightly.

Pickup at home time:

Whilst the arrangements in the morning are working well, home time is still a stressful and difficult time for staff.  Please do not enter the school grounds until your allocated time.  When the gate is opened at 2.55pm there are a huge number of people entering the gate and only 3 families who wait outside the gate until 3.05pm (thank you to those people).  Clearly, there are many families who see the gate open and think that it is ok to come in, unfortunately this causes overcrowding on the Early Years Playground and creates an additional risk to us all.  We are unable to have staff at the gate with a list of who can come in and who has to wait until 3.05pm so please help by keeping an eye on your watch and coming in at the correct time.  Your consideration is much appreciated.

The pick-up times and places remain the same.

Families A-L 2.55pm

Families M-Z 3.05pm

Nursery – Classroom door

Reception – Classroom door

Y1 – Classroom door

Y2 – Classroom door

Y3 – Fire exit door (near playground)

Y4 – Cloakroom door

Y5 & 6 – Office door

Nursery – Classroom door

Reception – Classroom door

Y1 – Classroom door

Y2 – Classroom door

Y3 – Fire exit door (near playground)

Y4 – Cloakroom door

Y5 & 6 – Office door

There is a slight change in that KS2 children will go to their youngest sibling’s classroom but children in KS1 will remain in their own classroom.                                           

Behaviour Policy Covid-Addendum

At home time, keeping the children safe and socially distant is challenging.  All the doors of the school are open and many children are moving around the school at the same time and staff are directing children as their parents arrive.  This has resulted in some silly behaviour in the building makes this time even more challenging.  I have explained to all the children very clearly today that any silly behaviour at home time will result in two reflections the following day.  We talked the strength of this consequence and how it reflects the difficulties and importance of keeping safe at home time. The Behaviour Policy Covid-Addendum is available for download below.

Please remember that the only things the children can bring into school are coats, reading wallets (provided by school) or school book bags. 

This week we have seen an increase in items from home trying to make their way into school e.g. wellies, umbrellas, hand sanitser.  We’ve been really lucky to have no positive cases so far in school and that is down to everyone’s commitment to the covid measures we have in place.

Year 6 covid catch up afterschool sessions in English start next week from Monday to Thursday from 3.05pm-4.05pm.  An email with details on who is attending on each day will be sent out tomorrow.

Again, many thanks for your support and cooperation.

With love and prayers,

Mrs Johnson


“Have unity of spirit, sympathy, love for one another, a tender heart, and a humble mind.” 

1 Peter 3:8

Parent Governor Election Notice

Drop off and pick up times 

Updated Risk Assessment

A video explaining how re-opening will work can be watched here.

Please click to read details of our “New Normal” for September 2020.

Here is a link to the Covid Symptom Flowchart.


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