Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club

There are still a small number of spaces available at Breakfast Club.  Please use the booking form below if you wish to book regular sessions.   

Breakfast club opens at 8am. 

Breakfast Club Booking Form.

Sessions will be £3 each and should be paid online in advance.  Please do not send children without a booking as there may not be space available, particularly on our busiest days.

Your children will get a drink, some toast and/ or cereals. There are lots of fun things for them to do. 

Here are some quotes taken from pupils who attend our Breakfast Club:

  • "We love the toast and the range of activities in breakfast club” – Yr 6 pupils
  • “The cereals are so nice and I like playing with my friends”
  • “I enjoy having milk and cereal as it keeps you full till dinner time!” – Yr2
  • “I really enjoy meeting my friends at breakfast club, we play games and table football." Year 3 child
  • “If my Mum and Dad are working and don’t have time to make me breakfast, I know I can get something to eat in club. Plus you get extra time to play with your friends” – Yr 4
  • "Its a fun way to start the day!".

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