Music is a highly motivating and inspiring medium for personal expression and communication. Here at St John Bosco Primary School, we endeavour to see all our young people experience music’s unifying and regulating abilities as they learn about its impact on communities, history and the world around us. We want our children to understand how music enables us to access different cultures, traditions and personal experiences in pursuit of shared enjoyment and a better understanding of the world we live in.


Our children experience a variety of musical styles, genres and traditions and we encourage them to critically engage with a variety of pieces, forming judgments on their production, use of instruments, technical features and impact. We develop and challenge our children’s listening, appraising, composing and performing skills both in solo and ensemble contexts. We also provide extra-curricular music opportunities and skilfully utilise music as an aid to emotional and physical regulation throughout the school day.


While music is a wonderfully creative subject, it is also academically demanding and plays an important role in cultivating a well-rounded school experience and improving the personal development of our pupils. That is why our staff are dedicated to instilling a love for music and nurturing musical creativity and talent in our young musicians. We are committed to developing children’s musical knowledge and skills, self-confidence and resilience as they reach new heights of musical excellence.


In practice:


At St John Bosco’s music is taught by the class teacher who takes responsibility for each child’s progression of skills as they advance through the year groups. Charanga is a widely used scheme across the school ensures our teachers deliver engaging and informative music lessons in line with The National Curriculum standards.


In Nursery and Reception, children will encounter a curriculum that is rich in musical experience and explore how sounds and instruments can evoke varying feelings and ideas. Children will have opportunities to explore and create music using a variety of instruments and begin to play and create sounds with increasing control and success. Children will also encounter an array of nursery rhymes and songs as they develop their understanding of rhyme and rhythm.


In Key Stage 1, Years 1 and 2 children will focus on experiencing and appraising a wider range of music across the genres and time periods. They will learn to sing and play instruments as an ensemble and identify the key features of a piece of music. They will also create their own short compositions using vocals and percussion instruments and experience performing and improvising as a soloist as well as the accompanying other instruments.


As children progress into Key Stage 2, they will continue to compose, improvise and play instruments with increasing confidence, skill and expression. All our children will all have the opportunity to learn to play a brass instrument with the support of our specialist brass teacher. During lessons, they will listen with discrimination and critically engage with different pieces of music, considering their own emotions and thoughts as they respond sensitively and intellectually in their appraisals. They will explore music in context and reflect on how music can provide insight into different time periods in history as well as its ability to influence and bring about change.


Across the year groups music has an influential role in our collective worship and overall well-being. Our children are encouraged to explore the role of music in understanding spirituality and the Catholic faith. We love to come together as a school to sing and appreciate how voices and instruments can be used to glorify God. Children also have lots of opportunities to sing and perform throughout the school year during talent shows, in choirs and during our Easter and Christmas productions.


How can parents and families help?


Our staff are passionate about recognising and nurturing musical interests and talents and we would love to work with you as you do the same for your child. Please support your children as they explore music, play instruments and practice for school productions and performances.


We also want to encourage parents and families to create music rich environments for their children at home and understand the power of music across the curriculum. Music can be used to help your child learn and understand key information in an enjoyable and engaging way. Perhaps your child could practice their times tables using a song, or remember those key historic events by creating a rap! The uses of music are endless, so here are a few of our favourite music websites and channels for you to enjoy with your child at home: ·


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